The Herbst Appliance is a mandibular repositioner that has been in use for many years in orthodontic and TMJ therapy prior to its modification for treatment of sleep disordered breathing. Using a telescopic sliding tube connection between the upper and lower retainer portions, the Herbst permits lateral and vertical movement while maintaining the desired mandible-forward position. It is sturdy and fully adjustable to find the most effective and comfortable position. Adjustment of position is quick, easy and very accurate. Base materials available include thermoactive and soft materials as well as hard acrylic, with retention by friction grip and optional clasps.

Optional Features:

Anterior Opening created by removing anterior acrylic around the incisors.

Upper Edentulous splint covers the palate in the same way as a full upper denture.

Flexiclose (elastic hooks) hooks added to the device enabling the addition of elastics.

Lingual-Less lingual acrylic minimized.

Vertical Adjustment acrylic added to the anterior enabling contact at the anterior of the device only.

Herbst is a custom made device worn during sleep to increase the upper airway volume and reduce collapsibility. The device utilizes a unique patented fin coupling component, maximizing patient comfort and compliance.


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