The first CAD/CAM milled OSA device, MicrO2 is precise, predictable, and easy to use. It is the only OSA device made from control-cured PMMA, MicrO2 is compact without compromising durability or retention.

Featuring an adjustment method similar to changing aligners, MicrO2 has a one-piece construction with no moving parts. MicrO2 offers a lingual-free design that is intended to offer the patient maximum tongue space. The 90° Post Angle prevents lower jaw from falling back during sleep. The MicrO2 Sleep Device design is based on the clinical expertise of leaders in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine.

The MicrO2 helps treat OSA by positioning the mandible according to the prescription. It is a customized, patient-specific dental device that may be purchased as a series of four devices, or purchased separately. One of two series is usually selected if your patient is not already wearing the MicrO2 devices.


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