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The cutting-edge technology employed in our office provides advancements and superior results, from digital imaging and radiography to computerized scanning and computerized bite technology. Utilizing sophisticated dental technology coupled with providing a holistic approach, patients are provided with an unsurpassed level of diagnosis and customer care.

3-Dimensional Cone Beam Imaging

Some of the greatest discoveries and innovations in modern dentistry have been made possible due in part to the invention of advanced oral and maxillofacial imaging. Enhanced imaging provides an in-depth view into the bone and tooth structures of the face, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and improved treatments.
3D Cone Beam Imaging is the next phase of dental imaging, allowing for a boundless view of the teeth and face from multiple angles - similar to those acquired from a CT scan; however, there is less radiation involved and the entire Cone Beam Imaging scan takes less than 10 seconds.


3-Dimensional Digital Impressions


Have you ever had classic impressions made of your teeth? If so, you know it involves your dental provider to press a tray full of very gummy material over the upper or lower arch and then waiting for it to harden before tugging it away. Though reasonably accurate, it is nowhere near as flawless and simple as 3D imaging/scanning and the digital impressions it creates.
This is why our office uses a digital scanner that creates 3-Dimensional images of your jaws, gums and teeth. A simple device is held comfortably in your mouth, and it takes a fast and accurate scan with thousands of points of reference and data. This is then converted into a flawless, 3D image of your mouth, jaws and all of the tissue of the maxillofacial area. With such pinpoint accurate images, it is no wonder that our products fit seamlessly when we deliver to our patients.

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