You don’t have to take our word for it.  Hear what our Patients and other Sleep Doctors are saying about Dr Rohatgi and San Diego Sleep Therapy!

Video Testimonial from Dr. Howard Hoffman, Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

"I am very happy with Dr. Rose and her entire team. I am unable to use a CPAP machine to control my sleep apnea and Dr. Rose has a mouthpiece that I put in my mouth at bedtime and no more snoring and no more sleep apnea. My wife is super pleased. I highly recommend Dr. Rose and the San Diego Sleep Therapy Team.”
- Robert Huchins


Thank GOD for Dr. Rohatgi & her staff. I am FINALLY getting a great nights sleep after fighting the CPAP for over a year. She is a fabulous business woman that is VERY concerned about her patients.” – Roberta Cox


“I have mild sleep apnea and could not get comfortable at night using the machine. My US Navy doctor referred me to San Diego Sleep Therapy. Staff was friendly and the procedure was straight forward. It's been a couple of months and a couple of home sleep  studies later and I'm sleeping better, feeling better and have less fatigue during the day. I will say that after reading other reviews that it looks like a lot of insurance companies don't cover this type of thing, but mine does” – J.P.


I thought I should take this opportunity to bring you up to date on my case.

After a few years with CPAP, I started out with you three years ago as a dual user of CPAP and appliance. I was quite compliant with both. The CPAP readings gave a good idea of how I was doing. I also saw Dr. Cetel at regular intervals and now Dr. Shives at UCSD.

With the appliance, I found that just wearing it did a great deal for my OSA, so I screwed it forward only minimally, as your records for my early checkup may show. Since it seemed to be compatible with my natural jaw position, I did not do morning jaw exercises, which seemed fine. Over time I noticed some movement in the way my teeth were angled, from the way the appliance grabbed them, but since the materials with the appliance warned that some tooth movement might happen I didn't worry about it.

Eventually I saw my dentist, who said I had had a lot of tooth movement and I should look into it. I stopped wearing the appliance and returned to see you, after many months. Since Medicare didn't support long-term follow ups in that era, I paid cash. When you assessed my situation, you were very concerned, but there was not much to be done.

Fortunately, with my front teeth now meeting differently from before, my OSA continued at a satisfactory level. Evidently my new tooth positions discouraged nighttime jaw positions that enabled the OSA. Because I also have had some centrals, I have continued to use the CPAP. AHI for the last six months is 1.97.

The dentist also referred me to an orthodontist for evaluation. He offered an orthodontics program to move my teeth back to their original positions. But since my main problem by far is the apnea, it has seemed best to leave well enough alone. There is a possibility of eventual tooth problems from the way they hit, but I can risk that.

I consider that your own contribution to my case has been at a high standard, and I thank you for your care.

With best wishes for you and your practice,

- Kirby Baker


Dr. Rohatgi and her entire staff were very professional from the moment I walked in. I have Sleep Apnea and snore so loud my wife has worn ear plugs to bed every night for years. It was also causing me to have to take meds for high blood pressure. They fit me for a device like a mouth-guard that I wear when I go to bed. It took a little getting used to, but now it's just part of my routine and I don't snore anymore. I highly recommend San Diego sleep therapy for anyone with a problem like I had. - Erik Brandin


This entire office is amazing, professional, friendly and honest. I went in here, scared for my life. I haven't been using my CPAP since day 1, so I knew I couldn't postpone it any longer. I searched and searched, and found this office. Do yourself a favor, GO HERE. Do not keep searching, do not look around. This is the best place I have ever been to who knows how to treat apnea with the mouth pieces and not cause you pain. The mouth piece I got from her has literally saved my life!! I could not sleep with the CPAP and I was suffering from severe migraines. The migraines stopped when I began getting enough oxygen after using the mouth apparatus. It has been a blessing to me and I think Dr. Rose and her entire staff are amazing! They made me feel so comfortable, it was a great experience. I actually look FORWARD to my next appointment!

- Mark T.


Outstanding treatment i got from Dr Rose and team, i slept like a baby.......Highly Recommended!

- Willie C.


After the initial fitting I had some problems with jaw pain but the staff redid the mouthpiece and now it seems to be okay. This is so much better than the CPAP, so far it is as effective and much easier to wear. I travel a lot and this smaller device makes it simple to pack and no electrical outlet needed.

- Larry A.


The dental appliance worked far better than CPAP/BiPAP for me. It has enabled much higher quality sleep and has stopped my snoring and gasping. Only wish the assistants would explain the 'next steps' a little more thoroughly so I could be prepared for upcoming visits. That said, I definitely recommend giving the device a try and that you ask about the upcoming visits, what you will do next, and the proper way to set the device at each desired setting (for more or less protrusion). After you have all the info, I think you'll be very pleased.

- H.G.


Dr. Rose and the team are just the best, i really appreciate the customer service and was also given the best therapy for rest, i will continually use you!

- Emmy B.


The doctor & staff are very professional. Best customer service!

- Pat B.


I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the mouth piece was and have been a long time patient for several years. They are very good at what they do. Their patience helped me relax and I appreciated how professional, caring, and attentive they were through out the entire therapy process. Thank you ladies!!!

- Tess D.


Very knowledgeable staff. My appliance is working beautifully and it is so much better than fighting all night with the mask and bulky machine! Thank you Dr. Rose.

- Nancy Kiger


Dr. Rohatgi is one of the acknowledged leaders in the emerging field of Dental Sleep Medicine and has focused her practice to help those with sleep issues. She is one of the few in the field who is triple board certified. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she is also compassionate and truly cares about the health of her patients. If you or someone you love snores or has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you need to see Dr. Rohatgi for a comfortable solution. Your life, marriage, or health may depend on it.

- Dr. Jay Nelson DMD


Very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. The dental appliance device works very well for sleep apnea! I would highly recommend working with Dr. Rose.

- Dr. Andrew Delapaz


Dr. Rohatgi is great to work with! This device is life changing.

- Amanda DelaPaz


Terrific, nice, reasonable, effective, efficient!

- Glenn Thomas


I love Dr. Rose! She is so welcoming and really treats her patients with care. If you are looking for an alternative for your CPAP, this is the place to go! The staff is amazing and they shine with amazing professionalism. If you're suffering from sleep apnea and it may be also affecting your relationship, this is definitely the place to go. You've got to call Dr. Rose!

- Jessica Chou


Five stars! Updated: This place is extraordinary! I've been coming here for years.

- Theresa Roth


Very nice office, doctor is very informative and I would highly recommend her to any one who suffers from sleep apnea.

- Kenny P.


To the wonderful staff at San Diego Sleep Therapy, I have been very happy with the treatment and service you provided and will continue to refer Dr. Rohatgi to anyone I talk to that is working through OSA options. Thank you for helping me through the past few years.

- Mark Wallace


The sleep apnea appliance I have is working wonderfully and I don't have any issues with it. Very happy with the device. Thank you!

- Robert Hutchins


After spending all night at an expensive sleep clinic, and getting an evaluation of mild to medium level apnea, I reluctantly concluded that I would need to get a C-Pap machine. Then I heard about Dr. Rose's alternative, and made an appointment. It took a few months to test and get it just right, but the result is fantastic. My device not only eliminated my waking and snorting events, but reduced my regular snoring dramatically….there were a couple of assistants at the time who I did not feel confident that they could evaluate and adjust (which they tried to do) as expertly as Dr. Rose could (and did). I've very pleased with this approach after a year and a half, and have recommended Dr. Rose to others.

- Michael Christensen


“I have referred several clients to Dr. Rose who have been extremely satisfied, and have reiterated that they were treated with" kid gloves" and so happy they have been relieved of the cumbersome C-PAP. Their only regret, was they had not been to See Dr. Rose earlier.

I have always found Dr. Rose to be courteous, compassionate, with a great bed side manner. She prides herself on being triple boarded, she is on the cutting edge of medicine specializing in her field attending the latest advanced educational training in around the country.

I would not hesitate to refer anyone that may benefit from this advanced customized technology.

- Liz M.


Very pleased with the professionalism and service I have received. I have a C-PAP machine for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, but was unable to use it due to claustrophobia issues. My US Navy doctor referred me to San Diego Sleep Therapy and Dr. Rosemarie Rohatgi was able to fit me for an oral device that covers both upper and lower teeth that is hinged, causing the lower jaw to move forward a little bit.

My wife told me yesterday that this device is fantastic, she said she was about to move out of our bedroom because of my snoring and waking up gasping for air a couple times during each night, then several nights a week. That has completely stopped and she is very very happy. I highly recommend this device. It's very comfortable to sleep with and I wake up refreshed every morning.

- Bob Falcone


Good Staff! Clean Office! They are always answering my questions and they are fast and efficient.

- Ariana Orona


This office is amazing! Staff is amazing and very helpful!

- Nicole Gehring


Very pleased with the professionalism and service I have received. I have a C-PAP machine for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, but was unable to use it due to claustrophobia issues. My US Navy doctor referred me to San Diego Sleep Therapy and Dr. Rosemarie Rohatgi was able to fit me for an oral device that covers both upper and lower teeth that is hinged, causing the lower jaw to move forward a little bit. My wife told me yesterday that this device is fantastic, she said she was about to move out of our bedroom because of my snoring and waking up gasping for air a couple times during each night, then several nights a week. That has completely stopped and she is very very happy. I highly recommend this device. It's very comfortable to sleep with and I wake up refreshed every morning.

- Robert Hutchins


Thank you for your great advice and care!

- D. Tyler


San Diego Sleep Therapy has to be by far the most beautiful Doctors office I stepped foot into. Staff and Doctor are caring, helpful, and very informative.

- Abram Bolanos


I have had a Sleep apnea Apparatus from San Diego Sleep Therapy and recently had some dental work done making my existing mouthpiece unusable. i returned to See Dr. Rose and was treated to a wonderful visit, new impressions and soon a new apparatus! The customer service, individual attention and professional environment are unmatched. I HIGHLY recommend this practice!

- Charles Davenport


It was a real pleasure working with everyone there.

- Luke S


Dr. Rohatgi and her staff are amazing and really make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I was having trouble using my CPAP machine and tried the oral sleep apnea device. I am happy to say it works great for me and I no longer have to drag the CPAP machine around when I travel!

- Dwayne L.


What an exceptional experience! They are in a league of their own! Dr. Rohatgi is knowledgeable and personable. There is no place that compares to San Diego Sleep Therapy.

- Brandon Woltman


I had a great experience with San Diego Sleep Therapy and highly recommend them. The dental device works great. I no longer use the CPAP machine.

- Mark Wallace


I snore and was feeling super tired a lot lately so my doctor referred me to dr rosemarie. I ended up suffering from sleep apnea and she suggested a snore appliance thing. Now my husband says i dont snore any longer and i dont feel as tired thru the day. Dr rosemarie was super friendly and the office is super clean snd friendly too. No problems at all!

- Cai Z.


Very clean and professional setting. Doctor and staff are amazing as well!

- Klarissa G.


Does a great job of identifying the problem and the product couldn't be better!

- dsteele619


Great alternative to CPAP. Office is very modern-liked. The office has a modern-like feel. Very clean and tidy. Staff are very professional.

- David Beasley


Beautiful office. Very warm and friendly staff. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for sleep study. Everyone there knows what they are doing and handle everything in a timely manner. The Medical Assistant is great and super helpful. The doctor is also very helpful and willing to answer any and all questions. Great Office! Good Job!

- Veronica Sexton


I will give them a FIVE STAR. Very clean and professional and great at what they do.

- June Campbell


"Started using an oral device in January and I'm extremely happy. Used a cpap machine for 7 years and dealt with that frustration until I was referred to Dr. Rohatgi. Thought I would ease into using it, but it was an obvious choice from the get go. Use it exclusively and have packed up the cpap. Sleep through the night with no interruptions and wake up refreshed. Wife says I no longer snore, would highly recommend for those currently using cpap or bpap. Great staff."

- Kevin J Imler 


It has a modern vibe to the office, makes it like you are at home. The front area is always keep very neat and tidy. You always will be greeted by someone with a positive attitude.

- Christopher Chadelin


San Diego Sleep Therapy has a wonderful atmosphere the moment you walk in. You feel as though you are going to be helped and find the treatment you need. Herself and her office staff maintain a clean and fresh office/ workstation. I would recommend this office to anyone struggling with sleep.

- Breeanna B.


I just completed my follow up with Dr. Rose, and it was seamless. The office staff is always friendly and efficient, and Dr. Rose was very thorough as expected during the appointment. I also learned that she just received her Diplomate status - first and only female dentist in San Diego. I'm glad that I'm seeing a specialist that has the highest credentials in this field. It amazes me how well this office understands this industry and maintains the highest level of standards. My mouth piece is of the highest quality, instead of some knock off device that you can get cheaper. I've checked and done the research. Not all offices are the same. They may offer cheaper appliances, but she remains competitive while not discounting services nor quality! Wish more offices would operate like this.

- Sameer R.


After the initial fitting I had some problems with jaw pain and now it seems to be okay. This is so much better than the CPAP, so far it is as effective and much easier to wear. I travel a lot and this smaller device makes it simple to pack and no electrical outlet needed

- Larry A.


I am about to recommend all my veteran friends to here. The staff is amazing and very knowledgeable. Ever since I started coming here my sleep has been a lot better and I could not be more pleased at the results.

- Mike M.


The San Diego Sleep Therapy what the best experience I personally ever had, being a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I have difficulty sleeping at night. Dr Rohatgi and her staff have been extremely helpful and professional at all times. I am for sure recommending the San Diego Sleep Therapy to all my friends that served with me. So that they can have the experience that I have had. Again Thank You, Dr. Rohatgi and the San Diego Sleep Therapy team for the experience you gave me and will continue to give me.

- Michael McCutcheon


I have been a patient of Dr. Rohatgi's for approximately 3 weeks. I was seeking an alternative to taking my cpap machine on trips and hoped that an oral appliance would be the solution. So far, I am pleased. I am a retired dentist.

- Dr. Len


Dr. Rose and her staff are awesome! I couldn't ask for better customer service! As far as my sleep...everything has improved immensely. This is so much better! Thank you!

- Santiago M.


I am a new patient at San Diego Sleep Therapy and I am finding them to be very efficient, capable, knowledgeable, and patient with me when I have questions. They have fitted me for an oral appliance to treat my sleep apnea and the process so far has been easy.

My overall impression is that this is a well run operation with trustworthy staff. I would highly recommend them.

- Pam Pyke


Where do I start? Months ago, I started to notice that I was getting really tired at the gym and at work. I sleep an average of 6-8 hours depending if its a weekday or weekend. I yearn for Saturday's because that's when I can catch up on sleep. But it seems the longer I sleep, the worse i feel. What gives??

I increased the cups of coffee and caffeine pills, but it never seems to help at all. I felt drowsier after each cup or dose. I tried going to bed earlier, but I would wake up so drowsy and fatigued that I would call in sick. Then it progressively got worse. I started to doze off in traffic after work and even after I leave the house at 7am! At around 1pm, I pass out at my desk snoring loud. Coworkers were making fun of me, so I had to pass out in my car on my lunch breaks just to be able to focus and stay awake until 5pm and for the drive home. I commute on average of an hour to an hour and a half each way. My girlfriend was starting to be concerned because she would notice me gasping for air at night, she would shake me to wake up. My dreams were becoming very lucid and been experiencing quite a few of OOBE's that freaked me out.

Then one night I was sitting at my dinner table with my girlfriend and then a pain struck on my chest. It feels like I got punched! I immediately grabbed my chest and bolted forward. My girlfriend immediately saw this and rushed to my aid. She gave me some aspirin to swallow and told me to sit down on the couch.

I started to sweat and feel weak. Then I thought that this was it. I told my girlfriend that I love her and made my peace with my creator and was ready to go. She then called 911. Within minutes, the firefighters and ambulances rushed into my house. They rolled the stretcher in and immediately started measuring my vitals and performed an EKG. Blood pressure was very high and EKG was normal. Lead firefighter asked a few questions to where the pain was coming from and asked if I feel it coming from around my upper back. I just told him that it feels like I took a blow to the chest. They strapped me into the stretcher and took me to the nearest ER, because matters with the heart, they take it very serious. They advised me that it's best for me to be checked out by an ER doctor just to be sure I'm not having a heart attack since they can run blood tests, x-rays, etc. After waiting in triage, all tests performed came back normal. Blood tests showed no signs of heart damage. EKG came back normal as well. But my blood pressure came back down to normal.

I took some days off from work just to rest and recuperate, trying to piece things together. I'm 5'10.5", 216 lbs, pretty active and fit, and eat very clean. Infact, when this all happened, I was eating a bowl of brown rice and tuna lol. I even asked the first responders if I can take my meal with me because I'm not letting that go to waste!

I grew desperate and searched for solutions and that's when I found her on Yelp. I work near the Del Mar-Sorrento Valley area and she happens to be within minutes from my office. I immediately called and scheduled a consultation, showed my Insurance info (PPO), and the rest was history.

During my appointment with Dr. Rohatgi, I explained to her that I was in the ER. She had me do a sleep study to measure baseline. Well, my AHI was at 44 which to my knowledge is severe. No wonder why I always felt so sleepy and fatigued! I was holding my breath 44 times a night!!! No wonder my dreams became lucid and experienced some OOBE's, My oxygen levels in my blood was dropping so fast to a dangerously low point that my heart would beat twice as hard and fast just to keep me alive. I was literally dying in my sleep by holding my breath lol!

I grew motivated to end this suffering and reclaim the energy that I once had. I coughed out the funds for the dental appliance and they took my dental impressions, x-rays, etc. I was determined to sleep deep and better again, to get my life back from Apnea! I waited a week or so for the appliance to arrive. In the meantime, I purchased another dental appliance from the internet which by the way, did not work! It was very uncomfortable and my saliva was uncontrollable.

Fast forward to today. At level 0, I'm already seeing a huge improvement. I'm feeling more awake and energetic when I wake up. We did more sleep studies as we ramped the level from 0 to 5 to 10. At ten, my AHI came back at 2.5. How's that for progress? Awesome!!

Now I'm sleeping better and waking up feeling restful. I no longer doze off in traffic nor at my desk at work. Literally, I have my life back!!! I am grateful for Dr. Rohatgi and her staff at SD Sleep Therapy.

We have another sleep study in December and will be testing at level 12 to see if they can bring the AHI down to 0!”

If you're feeling tired everyday and feel as though you don't have enough sleep, give her a call. Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a Silent Killer. Ignore the troll reviews and regain your life!

- J.V.


The doctor and staff were very personable and professional. I was referred to Dr. Rohatgi for my sleep apnea. I am confident that they will be able to help with a life long problem that has made sleep difficult. I look forward to the bite plate instead of a CPAP under Dr. Rohatgi's expertise.

- J.P.


When I walked in, I was greeted right away by the girl in front, Rachel. Usually Dr offices want your money right away, but here they take the time to get to know you as a person. After I did my business up front, the MA in the back Jackie sat me promptly and did her job quickly as painlessly. I hate dental xrays, but the X-ray at this office was high tech and the fastest darn oral X-ray ever! She took her photos got forms signed and got down to my reason for being there. When she was done, Dr Rohatgi came in and answered my questions thoroughly and picked the right mouth piece for me! My follow ups have been pleasant since, and I recommend this office to my family whom I know suffer with snoring or apnea!

- Ryan Vetter


It seems that there are numerous dentists, masquerading in sleep apnea treatment simply as a means to bolster revenue for their practice. After doing extensive research, principally by talking to my physician along with several of his colleagues, I learned that Dr. Rohatgi is the ONLY practitioner in San Diego who has completed a sleep residency (prestigious UCLA program). And given the amount of cases that she performs because she only focuses on sleep apnea treatment, numerous physicians, including mine, consult with her. Therefore, it made perfect sense for me to see her for a device.

First the office is exceptional! Unlike other sterile doctors or dental offices, hers is open and inviting. Her staff was very welcoming, and the initial consult was exceptional. She spent considerable time reviewing my chart and physician's notes with me. She explained the price point and how my medical insurance would be charged for fittings and follow-ups. What physician or dentist do you know takes the time to explain your medical insurance? She was very transparent.

She was thorough in explaining the various devices from the different manufacturers in a completely objective manner. As well as taking my measurements and making the mould. Once the device, the fitting was seamless, and my wife LOVES that I no longer. There's no question that I feel refreshed each morning, particularly on business trips as its easy to carry my device anywhere that I travel.

San Diego Sleep Therapy is a blessing to this industry.

- Sameer R.


I have just begun using my device and it seems to work well. My sleep seems more productive, I wake up more refreshed and feel much better.

- William M.


I am updating my review since it's been over two years that I've been under the care of Dr. Rose. She has completely changed my life AND my husband's life too. We are now sleeping together after decades of sleeping in separate rooms. I just had a follow up appointment and appreciate the time Dr. Rose and her amazing staff take to explain in detail my results and how to make any further adjustments to the mouth piece. It's not surprising to me that she has over 50 "5 Star" reviews (but Yelp only shows half of them including a couple poor reviews but I noticed those only had to deal with money yet none of them address any bad issues with the mouth guard! Go figure! These people need to get better insurance and learn how to understand your insurance because IT COST ME NEXT TO NOTHING - so my answer to them is GET BETTER INSURANCE! - It's not Dr. Rose's fault that she is required to collect your deductible. You chose that crappy insurance. Everyone else has had an experience like mine which is AMAZING.) It makes me really question if those poor reviews are not even real patients.

Dr. Rose is boarded in sleep which makes her stand out from all of these other dentists who say they can make a guard yet don't even do check ups on you. I appreciate that her team does a ton of follow up visits to make sure you are progressing in the right direction. Looking back after two years, I can't imagine not going through with treatment. I have more energy and sleep through the night. When I get up in the morning, I don't have the fogginess and cloudiness. I'm completely fresh and alert and no longer need five cups of coffee. With the help of Dr. Rose and her staff, this mouth piece has given me more years to enjoy living!

Thank you Dr. Rose for the service you provided to me and my husband! It's life changing.

- Tess D.


You have nice crew and everything is working out. Sleep Therapy is very beneficial. Thank you

- Joe Cusumano


I love Dr. Rose! She's the best! San Diego Sleep Therapy is amazing!

- Douglas S.


I had my first consult with Dr. Rose today, and I am incredibly impressed. I have suffered from sleep apnea and horrible sleep for years, with no solutions, and it finally seems that there is some hope for relief. She makes the process incredibly easy and pain free, and really displays a sense of caring and wanting to help. I can't wait to finally be able to sleep through the night without waking up gasping for air every couple of minutes.

- Mike Gage


Great doctor and staff. Highly recommended!!

- Tyler Caruso


The service was very good!

- Joe Cusumano


Dr Rohatgi's extensive knowledge of sleep apnea and oral device therapy shows through her compassion and the way she serves her patients with quality customer service. Her office is very clean and modern and is very welcoming to everyone. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and loved ones for their apnea treatment.

- Rachel Weathers


I have been very please with Dr Rohatgi and her office since first visiting her office a few months ago. I initially went for concerns and a referral for severe sleep apnea and snoring. The staff is very professional and very friendly. They know what they are doing. They are on time, ask questions, take measurements etc and then ultimately the Dr decides what is the best oral appliance for you. The mouthguard takes a while to get used to...not going to lie...a little discomfort next morning if you haven't ever worn a retainer in your life might bother you. Your snoring might not completely go away but having recorded myself on apps on internet in the past I can tell you that my snoring is at least cut in half if not a "purr" as someone would state it. I wish my snoring went completely away but I tend to sleep on my back and fall asleep late so its kinda my own fault to some extent. I will say that I have been to two out of town vacations and no one has claimed or laughed about my snoring like before. In fact when I have asked people have said "what snoring? Despite the fact that I could have sworn I snored for 5 mins really loud on the app that recorded it. All in all this is worth giving a try. I only tried to reduce my snoring and based on what I hear from friends, partners, and my overall clarity and health next day the appliance is working. You have nothing to lose and this beats CPAP. Also I like the fact that Dr calls you with results of your sleep studies that you will take periodically to ensure device is working properly and goes over results and discusses with you whether or not to tightehn the mouthpiece a bit more to reduce the apnea etc. She is also really personalble and nice in person. Like i said i recommend. You have nothing to lose...but sleep.

- Anonymous


I’ll start with a little bit of history. I have mild to moderate sleep apnea. I tried a CPAP machine for about two years. Frankly I slept worse, despite trying just about every mask they make. It was inconvenient, uncomfortable, and awkward. Additionally when I travelled it was just another piece of luggage I had to haul with me. I finally gave up on it. My physician referred me to a Sleep Therapist. That’s where Dr. Rosemarie Rohatgi entered the picture. Dr. Rohatgi and her staff are friendly and competent. Dr. Rohatagi recommend an oral appliance which I have had for a little over seven months now. I love it and wouldn’t want to sleep without it. Frankly is has changed the quality of my life. The device is easy to maintain and reasonably comfortable, but most importantly, it’s effective.

- Michael Huff


- She is one of few Boarded in Sleep Apnea for appliances. 

- professional, courteous and addresses all concerns thoroughly. 

- knows medical insurance so billing no issue. 

- specialized in sleep appliances and doesn't do dentistry so very specialized. 

- LOVE Dr. Rohatgi!!!

- Djoana B. 


I love SDST!! Dr. Rose cares about each and every one of her patients and there is never any waiting! 10 stars!

- Jackie Jimenez


The most clean place I have seen. Good customer service.

- Santiago Mojica


If you are looking for a board certified sleep apna Dr who specializes in sleep apnea then please go see Dr Rohatgi. She has changed the lives of many people including mine. She takes pride in helping people from the start of treatment to the end. I couldn't be happier with my results.

- Anna W.


Very nice staff and doctor. GREAT facility.

- June Campbell


Dr Rohatgi did a great job fitting me for my brace.Her staff followed though and helped me when I had trouble with the brace and they showed how to fit it in the right way.

- Vi Briggs



I went in because my wife was having trouble sleeping with my loud snoring. I've always been fairly low energy, but never made a link to sleep apnea. The diagnosis explained why I felt tired. I wasn't breathing for long stretches through the night.

The mouthpiece device they offered as a potential solution is a low maintenance, low profile intervention that's comfortable to sleep with and invisible to your spouse.

My wife is so stoked, we sleep peacefully now. I dream more. I feel more rested, with more energy to do the things I love.

Thank you, Dr. R.” - Jonathan H.


Always a pleasant experience at the San Diego Sleep Study, the staff is always pleasant and helpful and extremely professional. I was fitted for a dental device to help with my sleep apnea, it has done wonders for my sleep, I wake up more refreshed and it has lowered my blood pressure. I can't say enough to thank them.

- Robert P.


San Diego Sleep Therapy really helped me to get rid of my snoring, and no more CPAP machine to lug around! I travel a lot and this has been a great benefit in addition to significantly reducing my sleep apnea and snoring! Do yourself a favor and come in and talk to Dr. Rohatgi and her staff!

- Kim Palmer


I wanted to explore options regarding sleep apnea. I have been using a CPAP for years and was never quite comfortable with it. After hearing about San Diego Sleep Therapy on radio in San Diego, I thought it prudent for me to contact Dr. Rohatgi. I visited the clinic, I was fitted for an oral device, it was ordered......I received it, and now I sleep on CLOUD 9! This device has really made a difference in my life. I would recommend the San Diego Sleep Therapy clinic to anyone who would listen.

- Gary B.


I continue to be highly impressed with the results I got from Dr. Rohatgi. I've been a patient for over an year and have had fantastic results. My sleep apnea is gone, and my snoring is way, way down. I'm happy becasue I am getting a much better nights sleep and my wife is happy becasue she doesn't have to suffer the noise any more. The fact that the office staff is so efficient and wonderful to deal with just makes the whole experiece with San Diego Sleep Therapy that much better. I would recommend theses folks to my Mom.

- Terry M.


The Oral appliance from San Diego Sleep Therapy - Dr. Rosemarie Rohatgi has made a life change in my life. My sleep pattern has promoted quality rest and sleep as evidence from my wife's assessment. I highly recommend an evaluation for anyone that suspects sleep apnea or excessive snoring.

- Ramon DelaPaz


This oral appliance is a life saver! I sleep so much better now that my husband is not snoring or obstructing his breathing and waking us both up any more. Dr. Rohatgi is very thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her and this device.

- Amanda DelaPaz


I am writing a second review which is updated from my first review from February 2014. I came to see Dr Rose in late 2013 because of my sleep issue. My life has changed from the time I saw her in 2013 until now, 2 years later! Dr Rose is an expert in her sleep field. I wish more people knew about this mouth piece option. She is a amazing at helping people solve their sleep problems. Above all, she is tenacious in taking the time to listen to your needs while other doctors are rushed to go see their next patient. She is absolutely committed to providing excellent service. I highly recommend her...especially these days, when all businesses care about is just getting as much as they can from you and care little about your satisfaction. She is results driven. Dr. Rose has a refreshingly different take on doing business and actually "knowing" her patients. She actually cares about patients as people and shows it with follow up phone calls to my home to check up on me. I look forward to coming to this office. I have Dr Rose to thank and my friend who referred me to her. Thank you both!

- Tess D.


I was referred to Dr. Rohatgi by a Sleep Medicine Specialist after I had asked about dental appliances as a treatment for sleep apnea. I was being steered towards a CPAP device but wanted to explore alternatives to lugging that piece of hardware around. I am really glad I did as Dr. Rohatgi's treatment (a dental appliance) has virtually eliminated any episodes. Her equipment and staff are top notch and what I really like about the practice is that if you have a 10:00 appointment it will happen at 10:00 and not 10:15/10:30 - she believes in running her practice as if she were a customer.

- Mark P.


Over the last 15 years I have had 2 surgeries and tried a number of appliances including CPAP and nothing worked. When we moved to San Diego 2 years ago I heard Dr. Rohatgi's ad and was skeptical. But my wife sleeps with ear plugs every night so I was willing. Well not only was she and her staff great, I no longer snore. My wife no longer wears ear plugs and we both sleep through the night! The device works great and it is easy and comfortable to wear and a thousand times better than CPAP. Three cheers for the team at San Diego Sleep Therapy!

- Erik B.


Great help assisting me with adjusting my mouth device and it helps me to have a good night's sleep

- Hans B.


Dr. Rose is the best. She is very focused on her patients and the improvement of their health. Her office is clean, modern, high tech and efficient. Her staff is friendly and motivated to help. If you have sleep apnea, even if its mild, do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Rose. She has an amazingly simple yet effective solution, particularly compared to CPAP.

- Mark Navarra


I am so happy I found Dr. Rohatgi and San Deigo Sleep Therapy. I was looking into how to solve my sleeping problems as well as my terrible snoring problem. I was referred to San Diego Sleep Therapy through a co-worker, and couldn't be happier with the outcome. I had sleep apnea, which was the cause of my sleep problems as well as my snoring. Dr. Rohatgi took care of me right away, and fitted me with a mouthguard that not only stopped my snoring, but I wake up feeling more refreshed and energized that lasts throughout the day. I can't thank the San Diego Sleep Therapy team enough for helping me sleep better and feel better during the day!

- Ryan Muise


I'm very happy with Dr. Rohatgi and her staff at San Diego Sleep Therapy, they are always very informative, courteous and a pleasure to visit. Thanks to their expertise I now wear an oral appliance at night to help with my mild sleep apnea instead of a C-Pap machine. The oral appliance has also helped with my snoring; this makes my husband very happy. The C-Pap machine was just too uncomfortable for me so my primary care doctor recommended Dr. Rosemarie Rohatgi at the San Diego Sleep Therapy. I would recommend Dr. Rohatgi and her staff to my friends and family.

- Margaret C.


Tired of not getting enough sleep? (see what I did there?) Don't go another day feeling sluggish or worn down, give Dr. Rohatgi a call! She is an exceptional professional in the field of Sleep! She goes above and beyond when it comes to the care of her patients.

- Brandon Woltman


Five Star Rating

- Chris Raymundo


Five Star Rating

- Kari Broback Shields


It helps me have a good nights sleep!

- Hans B.


Very informative!

- Maria E.


Came here as I heard about them........ The staff was friendly and kind. They walked me through the process on the phone which gave me some confidence on moving forward. Fyi, they accept PPO insurances. I am blue cross. You do a consultation , and then they give you a choice to go forward which is what I respect . They made me do "impressions" where I then wait until they call me to get my appliance. I must say my partner says my snoring has reduced! I wake up less and feeling energized. Thank you!!

-Kelly Q.


The opportunity I have had to discuss cases with her and the passion she has I personally would not hesitate to have her treat me.

-Dr. Mayoor Patel


Dr. Rose is very knowledgeable about sleep breathing problems and her focus is providing the best possible treatment for her patients. She was very thorough in fitting me with the device. Information could be entered through her website to speed up the visit. The office was very clean. modern and spacious with new-looking equipment. The staff were very attentive and explained the instructions very clearly. They checked in with me by email the next day to make sure the night went well. The appliance seemed very durable and fit well. It arrived on time as promised and seems to be made of high quality materials. I was very satisfied with my experience at San Diego Sleep Therapy and would definitely recommend it to others who need an oral appliance.

-Tony Han

Dr. Rohatgi is brilliant. Generous with her time and a leader in the field of dental sleep medicine. I sincerely appreciate all of the help she has given me over the years!

-Jeff Rodgers

As a sleep medicine physician new to San Diego, I know first hand how common sleep apnea is and how difficult it can be to wear CPAP every night. Oral appliances are life changing treatments for those who cannot use the CPAP. Dr. Rohatgi and her staff make every effort not only to make a comfortable and effective device, but take the time to ensure a quality experience in their beautiful office. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone interested in pursing an oral appliance.

-Nevin Arora MD, Sleep Medicine Physician

Dr. Rohatgi is a wonderful sleep professional, and person! I would feel more than comfortable sending any of my loved ones (or myself!) to see her for treatment! The world really does need more docs like Dr. Rohatgi.

-Dental Writer

Dr. Rohatgi and her team are FANTASTIC! They use the latest technology to help their patients get relief from their snoring and sleep apnea, and deliver their therapy in a most professional manner. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Rose if you or a loved one has a sleep breathing disorder.

-Joel B.

Before I found San Diego Sleep Therapy, my snoring was so bad that I could not sleep in the same room with my wife without waking her up repeatedly every night. I tried every over-the-counter remedy for snoring that I could find including throat sprays, nose strips, and even boil and bite mouth guards but nothing helped.

My snoring became a source of great pain for me and my wife as it filled me with feelings of shame for being afflicted by something I felt that I could not control, and it made my wife miserable because she felt sleep deprived all the time. Her sleep deprivation also caused her to have frequent migraine headaches, which she blamed me for. To say that snoring negatively impacted my marriage is an understatement because it caused us to develop deep feelings of resentment toward each other that grew between us over time and we drifted apart.

Even though I enjoyed sleeping with my wife and did not want to sleep alone, at some point out of feelings of compassion for my wife, I decided to sleep in another room so that my wife could get the rest that she needed and deserved. I slept in a different bedroom for months, and while it helped to improve things between me and my wife, my snoring still kept us apart.

I finally decided to take my snoring problem seriously and through a referral found San Diego Sleep Therapy. My experience with Dr. Rohatgi and her staff was superb. Dr. Rohatgi and her staff are knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate.

Within just a few weeks, my snoring was reduced from a loud roar to gentle purr, and my sleep apnea, which I did not know that I had, was also reduced from moderate to mild. Best of all, I was able to return to my bedroom with my wife and sleep beside her without disturbing her all night long. Moreover, we have been sleeping together peacefully for several months, and both of us are much happier.

I am so grateful to Dr. Rohatgi and to her staff. They not only helped me with my snoring and sleep apnea, but they also helped me to strengthen my marriage.

For all of the people out there who are feeling hopeless about their snoring and sleep apnea, and about finding a proven way to manage it successfully, look no further. San Diego Sleep Therapy may be able to help you as much as it helped me.

- Brad Roberts


Dr. Rose at San Diego Sleep Therapy is GREAT. She knows what she is doing and cares for her patients. If any one I know needs her help I will tell then about her.

- Alma V Biggs


I came to Dr. Rohatgi as the last best hope for a solution to my sleep apnea. CPap did not work on me because if a narrow throat and small jaw causing pressure to prevent proper ventilation. The clean bright office and compassionate and cheerful staff helped me get acquainted and assist throughout the process. Dr. Rohatgi is very professional and kind. Thanks to you I am able to get a good night's sleep for the first time in a long long time.

- Amy Bekier


Highly recommend Dr Rohatgi and her team for the sleep therapy treatment. She is professionally trained and certified in sleep therapy and dedicated to finding the best solution for you. In the first month, I have already felt more refreshed getting up every morning. My family is also quite happy that they do not have to hear my snoring. This has to be one of the best decisions I have made to improve my personal health!!!

- Jerry Wang


I had the GREATEST experience here 6 months ago!!! I didn't know what to expect….. so friendly, calm and explained EVERYTHING that was going to happen and how.  She took her time explaining the process again and she has such a soothing voice. If this was our last visit....I will miss her... felt loved and before she left, we hugged lol. I love this place! Always clean and safe.

- Carmen C.


It's very refreshing not sleeping through my alarm in the mornings anymore. The mouthpiece is very comfortable and so easy to travel with. Definitely recommend any of you with sleep problems to see these guys. They were so efficient and organized with the medical billing while I've been to other offices that had no clue how to bill or insisted you pay cash up front. Very clean, modern and state of the art.

-Dennis D.


I found everyone very friendly and professional.

-Nancy B


Professional and friendly staff.



After being unable to tolerate a CPAP for my newly diagnosed mild sleep apnea, I was referred to San Diego Sleep Therapy to have an oral appliance made. The doctor decided to try a less-frequently used appliance due to the smallness of my mouth, and it fits wonderfully. Her office team are on top of all my scheduling and the insurance billing, and everything has been easy and efficient. What a difference it is to get a decent night's sleep!

-Laura Bretton

Dr. Rohatgi is one of the most professional doctors I have met and she puts the patients well being in front of everything.

-Ashish Patel

I switched from a CPAP machine to an oral device. It was a real pleasure dealing with these folks. From the front office, to the hygienist to the Sleep dentist, everyone was absolutely outstanding. I got measured and fitted, then had several followup visits where they checked on progress and helped me get the most out of the device.The experience of getting fitted for the device went as well as you could possibly expect. Of course, it's yucky getting that paste stuff in your mouth when they take the impression, but it went fast. Dr. Rose was extremely knowledgable and gave me all the information I was looking for. The whole process of getting fitted was painless. The device arrived very promptly. I've had it for a couple months now and wouldn't go back to the CPAP machine for anything in the world. The mouth piece is comfortable, convenient and highly effective. You can even talk with it in your mouth -- but I wouldn't try eating. My sleep apnea score has been cut in half, and we are continuing treatment. The office staff are wonderful. They work around my schedule when I have to come in, and even accomodate me when I miss an appointment (or even come in a day early). If anyone is considering going to a mouth device to treat snoring or sleep apnea, I highly recommend you talk with these folks. I can only hope your experience is half as good as mine.

-Terry Martin


Dr. Rose is a very friendly and helpful Dr. She helped get a sleep appliance that is the top of the line that worked within my budget. Dr. Rose went above and beyond to make sure all of my concerns were addressed and to make sure my appliance is working properly for me. It does take some getting used to sleeping with the appliance, but eventually you start to get used to it and it sure beats sleeping with a CPAP machine. Her office is very state of the art and very modern looking and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

-Arnie Chazen


I am so grateful to have met  Dr. Rohatgi,  she has changed and extended my life.  My appliance fits so well, that it only took a couple of nights to adjust. The restful and uninterrupted sleep  that  I'm experiencing now is priceless.  I feel very rested and can easily focus on multi-tasking now.  The state of the art equipment and cleanliness of her office Is so pleasant. Dr. Rohatgi and staff are very thorough even with  following up after the delivery of my appliance.  Thank you Dr. Rose and Staff.

-Raoul C.


I cannot thank Dr. Rose enough for changing my life for the better.  My husband and I are now sleeping in the same bed after decades of sleeping in separate rooms.  I wake up feeling refreshed.  I no longer wake up in the middle of the night.  I don't take naps in the middle of the day now because I'm getting better quality sleep now.  It's amazing how comfortable this mouth piece feels.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to tolerate it but it fits perfect, I can travel with it everywhere and it's incredibly more comfortable than CPAP which never worked for me.  Why didn't my sleep doctor tell me about this?  I was referred to Dr. Rose from a friend and I am so happy that I followed through with treatment.  Her office is so clean, modern and high tech with the newest and best equipment out there in the market.  She doesn't cut corners.  She is always on time for appointments.  I look forward to my follow up visits because the office is so organized and runs efficiently.  She is the only one of all of my doctors that actually understands the concept of time and never makes me wait.  Thank you so much Dr. Rose!

-Tess D.


Dr.Rose cured my snoring and I've never slept better in years! She's the best you will love her I do.  Dr.Rose is amazing and very easy to talk to. She under stands all kind of sleep issues, and has a great deal of knowledge about how to treat them. She stays educated about Her profession and to me that is the most important of all. Her Staff is professional and Her office is way nice, it a relaxed , friendly environment . The mouth device is extremely easy to wear and comfortable. It cured all my snoring issues and I sleep 100% better after one night ;-) yeah for me.. Thank you again to Dr. Rose it was money well spent.

-Douglas Saboe.


"Before seeing Dr. Rose and San Diego Sleep Therapy, I had a horrible time getting a good nights sleep.  On the advice of my dentist, who noticed severe drying at the roof of my mouth, I decided to participate in a sleep study (diagnosed with mild case of sleep apnea)  which eventually led me to CPAP therapy.  Needless to say, CPAP therapy just did not work for me.
 I was running our of options (and sleep) until I met Dr. Rose and Gurvinder at San Diego Sleep Therapy.  Dr. Rose's commitment with certified credentials and patient care and professionalism resulted in a 135/83 bp with a 75 pulse earlier in the year to a 123/81 bp and a 51 pulse during my last visit in December 2013.  Simply the result of better sleep, exercise and a happy wife!
From the initial consultation, fitting the sleep device, and the great follow up care, The Somodent dental device prescribed by Dr. Rose and San Diego Sleep Therapy  improved the quality of my life and for that, I am grateful!

On my 5th night (best night sleep in years!) with the sleep device, I got 8 full hours of sleep, no getting up and feeling rested better than most days!

My wife is sleeping better and says I am a silent partner!"
-Steven L


My son Bobby is a quad with severe sleep apnea. I worried about him at night because I could see him STOP BREATHING! Then, he'd gasp for air. I read that his heart could fail if this happened, so I sought out help for him through Dr. Rosemarie. Bobby used his new device last night for the first time and he slept ALL NIGHT without waking up AND without snoring! He didn't complain either about wearing it, said it was comfortable. Oh my gosh! Bobby slept better last night than I can remember in a long, long time! He didn't snore all night and his breathing was deeper - he didn't even wake up by himself at all! The caretaker had to remember to go in and turn him and cath him every few hours and he didn't hardly wake up! Thank God for helping us with this serious problem. He said that the appliance doesn't even bother him. Thank you so, so much Dr. Rosemarie and Gurvinder! You were an answer to our prayers for sure! It was worth very penny!

-Lori Boyters


My husband, Tom Ralls, is a patient of Dr. Rohatgi.  He has been fitted with a mouthpiece for sleep apnea and is very happy with it.  He has used a CPAP device for over ten years and was beginning to have problems with his ears because of the air pressure that was needed to keep his air passage way opened. With the mouthpiece he no longer is using the CPAP.  Dr, Rohatgi and her staff are very personable and helpful. They have our sincere recommendation.

-Judy Ralls


They don't come better!

-Hillel Mazansky, M.D. M.R.C.G.P.


I never believed I had a problem with sleep apnea, let alone snoring, until I returned home from a trip with an old girl friend who complained that I kept her up every night in our hotel room that we shared. My husband always snored so I guess I never thought that I would have the problem. I was treated by Dr Rohatgi several months ago and she has completely changed my life. I cannot thank her enough. My husband is now being treated here and he has had significantly tremendous results as well. Not only do I no longer wake up 3 times a night, I'm sleeping through the night, waking up completely refreshed and have much more energy. It has made such a positive difference in my life that I could not imagine not having my mouth piece. There is no way I would ever wear a CPAP. Dr Rohatgi is a true healer! She is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable because she LISTENS to your needs and concerns. She uses the most updated equipment and materials. Her office is incredibly immaculate. I highly recommend Dr Rohatgi even if you have the slightest concern about snoring or sleep apnea.

-Nancy C


After many years of separate rooms, my wife and I are now sleeping together in the same bed. And I have Dr. Rose to thank. I sleep sound, no longer snore and my blood pressure is now under control after Dr. Rose's treatment. My heart doctor wanted me to follow up with treatment with Dr. Rose because I would never use a CPAP. I watched as my blood pressure would drop month to month to a healthier level, during my follow up appointments. The mouth piece she made me is very comfortable, easy to use and actually works unlike the cheap ones you buy over the internet or local store. She is simply amazing, incredibly meticulous and spends quality time with you, one on one. I never feel rushed with her. She is always on time. She is the Best Sleep Dentist in San Diego and only one of a few that focuses only in this arena in the nation! I am sleeping better and living better under her care. I only wish I had seen her 30 years ago instead of most recently. Her treatment has added years to my life.

-Bert C

I have had a sleep apnea mouthpiece from Dr. Rose for three months. I also have a BiPap machine. Originally, I had planned on using the mouthpiece primarily for travel. I recently returned from a three week vacation. The mouthpiece worked so well that it will probably become my primary device. I received excellent service from Dr. Rose. I was extremely impressed with her expertise and dedication to finding the right solution. The equipment in her office is very impressive and obviously capable of precise measurements. Dr. Rose is a professional, caring and friendly person. I highly recommend her to any one with a sleeping problem.

-John Dean


Dr. Rohatgi is the greatest - a combination of top technical sharpness along with wonderful qualities of concern for her patients, ability to listen well, and total dedication to making the transition to an oral device for the treatment of sleep apnea disorders smooth, easy, and liberating.

-Tom Scharf


Dr. Rose is dedicated to providing an excellent service to her patient. Her expertise and state of the art x-ray equipment boosted my confidence in her ability to help me. She gave me an excellent alternative to CPAP, which had became intolerable. She cares deeply for her patient. She is your advocate with your Insurance Provider and does her best to minimize your share of cost. Follow-up is very important to Dr. Rose, she wants to insure the appliance is working for you. Your good health is also important to her. I am getting excellent sleep and dreaming vividly every night! Thank you Dr. Rose!!

-Mike Stewart


I am a patient of SD Sleep Therapy and love DR. Rosemarie and her team. I recently was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and the doctor was very knowledgeable about best options, testing and I now have the mouthpiece. This has already proven to help my sleep. I also like that they ONLY specialize in this area and are not a dentist trying to make these devices. This was the best referral I received!!!!

-Linda Christie


I have been using a CPAP, correct that, I have owned a CPAP for years, I have not been using it. The CPAP was uncomfortable and very difficult to travel with. My wife heard about Dr. Rohatgi on the radio and scheduled an appointment for me. My initial thought was that my dentist could do this for much cheaper and that would probably be the case. Being a specialist myself I understand and appreciate someone who specializes versus someone who can offer a similar service because they took a weekend course. Dr. Rohatgi is a specialist and I am confident she was the best avenue for solving my sleep disorder. I don't believe my dentist has the experience to correctly solve my disorder and the results would have been mediocre in comparison. 

I have been using my appliance for 2 weeks and snoring is now a thing of the past. The appliance is much more comfortable and effective than the CPAC or anything else I have tried. I now wake up to find my wife still in bed with me versus the couch.
I wish I had done this years ago.

-Brad Schultheis


My habitual snoring has been driving my wife crazy for years! CPAP machines are noisy and inconvenient, so I didn't want to go that route.

If only there was another way...

Fortunately, I heard an ad on the radio for Dr. Rohatgi's San Diego Sleep Therapy and decided to give it a try. Dr. Rohatgi is very personable, thorough, and determined to make an impact on each and every one of her patients' lives. The first visit was just a consultation. Dr. Rohatgi showed me some of the appliances that she offers and made it sound very easy. She sent me home with a wristwatch which was actually a sleep monitor. The device would record details of my sleep habits in the comfort of my own bed.

I took the sleep monitor back the next day and got the results immediately. The device confirmed the snoring but also indicated that I had mild sleep apnea. A few days later Dr. Rohatgi took 3D X-Rays of my head and neck. Dr. Rohatgi made detailed forms of my teeth for the appliance.

Two weeks later my SomnoMed appliance arrived. After a few days of getting used to it, it has become second nature and I use it daily. I feel much better after just a few weeks of use. It is far more convenient than a bulky and noisy CPAP machine and I've even taken it on international trips! Dr. Rohatgi stays involved and also makes sure that everything is going smoothly even months later.

I highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Rohatgi. She'll have you (and your family) sleeping better than you ever have.

-Joshua Kriegshauser


I had been to a dentist in the area who was recommended as an expert in dental appliances for apnea. The appliance was expensive and cheesy. It broke in under 2 months and wasn't adjustable...and did nothing for my apnea.

So, I was a bit skeptical about going to another sleep apnea specialist. Dr. Rose and staff are the polar opposite of my first dentist.

I've been a patient for over a year and can honestly say that Dr. Rose is a top practitioner and a terrific person. You're always greeted warmly by the staff with professional grace (even when I dropped by without an appointment).

Dr. Rose has a full compliment of high tech equipment to custom fit not only the appliance but also the treatment. She uses home based sleep studies, in-office interviews and blood pressure readings to measure the progress of each client.

The appliance has been a god-sent, it's rugged, fits perfectly and being able to adjust it myself has avoided the need to make an appointment for every minor tweak. ...and not to mention I'm sleeping well and not drowsy during the day...Yay!

Dr. Rose does not cut corners and is tirelessly patient with every patient. San Diego Sleep Therapy is a great example of what makes San Diego a wonderful place to live and work.

*******Update - Nov 2014********

I've been a patient for over a year and can honestly say that Dr. Rose is a top practitioner and a terrific person. You're always greeted warmly by the staff with professional grace (even when I dropped by without an appointment).

Dr. Rose has a full compliment of high tech equipment to custom fit not only the appliance but also the treatment. She uses home-based sleep studies, in-office interviews and blood pressure readings to measure the progress of each client.

The appliance has been a god-sent, it's rugged, fits perfectly and being able to adjust it myself
 has avoided the need to make an appointment for every minor tweak. ...and not to mention I'm sleeping well and not drowsy during the day...Yay!

Dr. Rose does not cut corners and is tirelessly patient with every patient.

San Diego Sleep Therapy is a great example of what makes San Diego a wonderful place to live and work.

-Gary Holden


Highly recommend Dr Rohatgi for all your sleep therapy needs ! I have studied with her for the past few years and find her an invaluable resource for sleep issues. I don't think there is a more intelligent, caring and professional person out there to help you with appliance therapy. I know I would consider Dr Rohatgi as my personal sleep dentist . 
The office is easy to find, and from the minute you walk in, you feel right at home. Dr Rohatgi gives you the one on one care and time you deserve . Again, you have found the right home to deal with your sleep issues. .A definite 5 star experience....

-Mark Weiser


I had a really great experience with San Diego Sleep Therapy and highly recommend it! The dental device is well made and works very well. I no longer need my CPAP machine.

-James Coggeshall


Dr. Rohatgi is one of the acknowledged leaders in the emerging field of Dental Sleep Medicine and has focused her practice to help those with sleep issues. She is not only extremely knowledgeable, but is also compassionate and truly cares about the health of her patients. If you or someone you love snores or has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you need to see Dr. Rohatgi for a comfortable solution. Your life, marriage, or health may depend on it.
-Jay Nelson


Several years ago my wife alerted me that I would stop breathing while I slept. I also suffered from the effects of my lack of REM Sleep. After I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, I soon began using a CPAP machine. I struggled with it for nearly 4 years. In fact I actually stored it in a closet for a year. It was unbearably and definitely not user friendly. With a diagnosis of Severe I could not go on without some sort of treatment. After hearing Dr.Rose's Ads on KOGO, I decided to give her a call. Within a few weeks I had been fitted and was using my new Dental Appliance. My first sleep study after I had been using the Appliance a few months, indicated I had reduced my hourly episodes by nearly 60%.  I am going in for my 6 month check up and sleep study and I full expect to be in the normal range. The appliance was easy to become accustomed to and is easy to care for. I would recommend Dr. Rose without hesitation! She does everything within her power to insure you receive the best care possible. She cares and wants to improve peoples lives and health! Her office is state of the art and immaculate.                                                                        

-Darrell S.


"I just wanted to send you this letter of thanks for the wonderful care you provided me recently. When I woke up in the morningcompletely exhausted, I was dreading starting my day. When I called your office the receptionist was great and worked me into the schedule that morning."                                                                                                              

-Michael C. Herbel


I went to san diego sleep therapy for a mouthpiece to wear at night for sleep apnea.  Their office has state of the art equipment and their office is so very crisp and clean looking. The doctor and her  staff are great.  They have everything electronically recorded so no filling out paperwork visit after visit.  You get reminder calls for your appointment.  My mouthpiece helped tremendously with my sleep issues.  I went from sleeping 12 hours a night down to like 9 because I was sleeping better.

-Cindy R


"I really want to thank you for the great work. You may not fully know the back story of how I came to your office. I litterally was a walk-in. You may remember I needed an exam for a couple of cavities I had behind some old veneers. I wanted to see how I would be treated if I looked like I had nothing."

-Darrel Howard


Current patient of dr. Rosemarie for about 2.5 months and cannot say enough about her expertise and care in this area.  The mouth piece I wear at night has allowed me to have a much better quality of sleep through the night and alertness in the morning and through out the day.  Everything is state of the art and her office staff friendly and efficient.

I highly recommend dr.  Rosemarie even if you have the slightest concern about severe snoring and sleep apnea.

- Lee R.


Dr. Rohatgi is fantastic.  If you have sleep apnea and are trying to use a CPAP machine, you need to see her.  I did, and it truly changed my health and my life for the better.

-Tom S.


"I know of no one with more passion to save lives and marriages through more healthy and quiet sleep than Dr. Rohatgi. If you do not feel rested, you owe it to yourself to call her ASAP!"

-Dr. Kent Smith, DDS - Irvine Texas Lecturer and Expert in Dental Sleep Medicine


My dad was suffering for years from sleep apnea until he saw Dr Rohatgi. She customized a mouth piece for him that was comfortable and kept his airway open at night so he wasn't gasping anymore. He doesn't snore anymore so my mom is really happy. Most importantly, my dad has more energy and isn't falling asleep in the middle of the day. I totally recommend Dr Rohatgi for any of you who have snoring and sleep apnea!

-Gurvinder Mann


Entering the office I was impressed with the modern décor and the warm welcome I received. Dr. Rohatgi was friendly, competent and made me feel that I was in good hands. She was efficient and the high tech equipment was impressive. I left after being measured and fitted for my new mouth guard. Can't wait to get it and get a good nights sleep. Updated: It went very well. I was happy with the service I received.

-Sundari Dennis


Dr. Rosemarie Rohatgi and her team are amazing and they provide excellent customer service to go along with top tier care. I could not be happier with the care I've received and would strongly recommend San Diego Sleep Therapy to friends and family. The custom molded sleeping device has been fantastic and has allowed me to get better quality sleep, feel less fatigued, and has solved my snoring problem.

-Trent Douglas


For several years I have suspected that I have a minor sleep apnea problem. Upon the urging of my roommate, I have tried multiple methods to correct and improve my condition. In the past I have tried the mouth piece and the CPAPs but no methods seemed to accommodate my needs. I was tired of these sleepless nights so I did some research and stumbled upon San Diego's Sleep Therapy. Dr. Rose Rohatgi is a genius at helping people solve their sleep problems. Not only that, she is absolutely tenacious in making sure you get what you need. I highly recommend her.....in an age when most businesses get whatever they can from you and care little about service, Dr. Rose has a refreshingly different way of doing business. She and her staff absolutely care about patients as people. She is very knowledgable and stays current with dental sleep medicine literature. Thanks to Dr. Rose I now sleep in absolute solitude!!

-Hannah Delapaz


Would not think of going anywhere else for my sleep apnea. My family and I have been helped by Dr. Rohatgi for years and have loved every visit!

-Noah Delapaz


This place is unbelievable with the outstanding customer service. Dr Rose is so knowledgeable in this field. She is so friendly, patient and takes the time to explain the process with you including the sleep studies that my doctors overlook and forget to review with me. Office is immaculate and the entire team is always smiling and in a great mood. Soothing music in the background is very relaxing. My device works great!

-Dennis Delapaz


Such a satisfying time with the assistance that Dr. Rose and her team has provided for me. My horrific snoring and sleep pattern was relieved by their treatment and top of the line equipment that I will be eternally grateful for.

-Natalie MacKinnon-Booth


This is THE place to go if you need to treat your snoring and apnea. Dr Rose is meticulous about treating her patients. She tracks everything and makes sure you receive the best treatment possible. She cares about her patients. The device is a game changer.

-Romulo Delapaz


Very professional service! Dr Rose Rohatgi and team are all very kind and the treatment works great! I highly recommend Dr Rose. I've been to a couple sleep therapy clinics, but Dr Rose is by far the best!

-Dylan Delapaz


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