You don’t have to take our word for it.  Hear what our Patients and other Sleep Doctors are saying about Dr Rohatgi and San Diego Sleep Therapy!

Dr. Rose is brilliant at what she does. I was seeing another sleep consultant, but his methods were rigid, uncomfortable and employed a one size fits all approach. Dr. Rose knows exactly what she is doing and ranks incredibly high in compassion, emotional intelligence, integrity and business acumen. She did a thorough, deep investigation to learn about me and my health. I went to her when I was getting only about 4 hours of sleep per night, and my sleep apnea was just about to make me lose my mind. Dr. Rose's approach really helped, and her support and compassion were exactly what I needed. Now my sleep and everything else is so much better. I highly recommend Dr Rose.

-Clifford Coury


This is the best sleep office. Dr. Rohatgi's knowledge and experience in the field of sleep health have been invaluable to me. She is warm and considerate. Without a doubt, she will be someone who can be of immense help if you're struggling with one sleep problem or the other. I've learned so much from her as a first-time sufferer of sleep apnea. I followed all of her guidelines with the sleep device, and it has now made me a great sleeper. I've consulted her over the phone with specific questions, and she always provides helpful personalized replies. My sleep device was tailored to meet my needs and Dr. Rohatgi truly cares to follow up and see how my treatment is going. Thanks for keeping me centered at uncertain times.

-James Lambert


I'm so glad I found San Diego sleep therapy. I have struggled with sleep apnea for several years. I endured very painful surgeries that only gave me minimal relief of my symptoms. My family dentist was pushing me for years to consider an oral appliance, but the cost seemed too high and they were not willing to work through my insurance until San Diego sleep therapy worked with me in my insurance. After extensive searching online I found Dr Rose. From the first call, Dr. Rose's staff assured me they would do everything possible to get my appliance covered by my insurance. Fortunately they were able to do so greatly reducing my out-of-pocket expense. Since using my oral appliance my quality of life has greatly increased. No more headaches and fatigue. Overall I feel healthier and I am more positive about life. I have so much energy now! As a physician, I greatly appreciate her time and attentiveness. Because of that I'm referring many patients here. Thank You.

-Dr. Rich


We highly recommend Dr.Rose Rohatgi. While my dad thought seeing a doc for a sleep consultation was yet another expense that we should avoid, I insisted on going to see Dr. Rohatgi, and now even my dad knows that she provides excellent services and is worth every penny we spent. My old man is on 70 and was waking up every 3 hours gasping for air. He already had an overnight study, and sleep apnea was the culprit. Dr. Rohatgi was exceptional at communication, right from the start. Her responses to all of our questions were thoughtful, prompt and complete. We trusted her suggestion of a mouthpiece fitting, and now my dad is sleeping great again. Don't delay a sec if you or a loved one is having sleep challenges. Go see a good sleep doc like Dr. Rohatgi.

-Ellen Baird


Dr. Rohatgi is as good as it gets. Just when I felt I was at my limits, not getting enough quality sleep and not knowing what to do to make things right again, a friend told me about Dr. Rohatgi, and she literally saved my life. She approached my situation with love, openness, kindness, and warmth. She provided solid methods and plans that matched my needs perfectly. I went from struggling to fall asleep to getting 7 hours of sleep on the first night, and it has gotten even better since then. I was tired, anxious and sleep deprived but Dr. Rohatgi provided the support and healing I needed. She also provided expert recommendations to changes in my eating and napping patterns to help achieve the ultimate goal of getting myself healthy sleep on a long-term basis. Dr. Rohatgi's experience and wisdom are invaluable to me.

-Gabriel Patrick


I visited San Diego Sleep Therapy for a sleep study and discovered that I had mild sleep apnea. As a result, Dr. Rohatgi got me an oral appliance, and her follow up ever since has been great. The entire team was incredibly kind and professional; I will definitely recommend them. Pros: 1. Dr. Rohatgi made what was going on with me very clear. She explained the results of my scan in a helpful manner. 2. She went out of her way to make sure I felt safe and very comfortable. 3. The woman is skilled. The process of producing my mouthpiece was lightning quick, and the device works. 4. Dr. Rohatgi is surrounded by competent, friendly and professional individuals. 5. She manages time excellently. Appointment booking is easy and free of hassles. Cons: There is absolutely nothing to complain about. Summary: Definitely see Dr. Rohatgi for your sleep problems.

-Ayesha Brecht


My name is Tracey; I came to San Diego Sleep Therapy last week because I was suffering from insomnia, severe sleep apnea, anxiety, and daily headache. My sleep problems escalated to a level that I was only getting two hours of bad sleep per night. The result was ache all over my body, lack of appetite, and strain on my relationship and work. I tried medication, but all that got me was terrible drug-induced sleep that made me wake up feeling sluggish. I began to notice significant improvements in my sleep apnea, insomnia and other symptoms after Dr. Rose treated me. At this point, I feel like I am 99 percent better. I am now able to seamlessly execute my duties as a mother, wife, and employee. Thank you, Dr. Rose, fixing my sleep has really balanced my emotional and physical health.

-Tracey Ramsey


Sleep apnea has been with me for more than two years. The prospect of getting a CPAP wasn't appealing to me, and so I read all kinds of books on how to overcome the situation. When I realized that I couldn't handle it on my own, I decided to go see a doctor with the hope of bringing my sleep apnea to a halt. A certain Dr. Rose had so many inputs on articles and books I read about sleep apnea, so I searched for her online and discovered that she runs a medical sleep clinic in San Diego. I went to see her, and she told me a mouthpiece could be made to keep my breathing smooth and uninterrupted. For the past few weeks, I have been getting a full night's sleep consistently. I have no trouble falling asleep, and there is that air of confidence that I will sleep very well and wake up fully refreshed. I can afford to smile again, and it's all thanks to the amazing Dr. Rose Rohatgi.

-Marcus Wells


I went to San Diego sleep therapy with a formal referral from my doctor. Dr Rohatgi was fully engaged with my problem till the end. She was sincerely concerned and asked important questions to fully understand my problem. After the thorough examination, Dr Rohatgi recommended a 3D scan to aid the molding of my custom mouth appliance. Dr Rohatgi also had her office seek the approval of my insurance. I love the way the entire process of getting me treated was easy and streamlined. I just wish every experience with doctors was the same as this. Thank you.

-William Callahan


If you're looking for a reliable sleep specialist in San Diego, then look no further. I had sleep apnea four years and underwent a surgery to correct it when I lived in the Bay area. While the condition went away, there was always a risk of it partially returning. Recently, I started having apnea occasionally and while the count was quite low, I knew I needed to see a specialist immediately. I intended to travel back to the same hospital that handled the problem initially but then I found Dr. Rose who isn't only caring but also attentive and took me through the process of getting an oral apnea device and its benefits. The bill was a fraction of what I paid for my surgery and Dr. Rose made sure it was entirely covered by my insurance. With my device, I sleep so much better than I have in a long time. I highly recommend Dr. Rose. With her, you will get the best sleep apnea treatment.

-Robert Molina


Dr. Roha (my nickname for her) is the best! Her work has helped me dramatically. I started going to San Diego Sleep Therapy for some major issues with insomnia and sleep apnea. I had previously seen a sleep doctor who carried out a sleep study and referred me here for a second opinion. Dr. Roha displayed a high level of professionalism, compassion and dedication. She managed to lighten up my terrible mood with her easy-going sense of humor and all of her good qualities made me stick with her for treatment. Within a week, all of my symptoms have disappeared. My sleep device is hardly noticeable, it's that comfortable due to the custom fitting. And thanks to Dr. Roha's technical ingenuity, I have no troubles carrying it along when I travel. It feels like I've been given a new lease on life, I couldn't be happier to have found my way to this exceptional clinic.

-Paul Owen


Wonderful treatment! It was my first time going into a sleep clinic and the staff made me feel very welcome from the moment I walked in. There is no reason not to give Dr. Rose a try if you have sleep apnea or any other condition interrupting your sleep. Throughout the process of diagnosis and subsequent treatment, I didn't feel any discomfort and Dr. Rose kept communicating with me and was courteous to my needs. I was given an amazing oral device. The space itself is aesthetically pleasing, soothing in several ways and it causes you to relax. Dr. Rose is highly skilled and passionate in her craft, I'm so glad I landed here.

-Danielle Johnson


My elderly mom has been staying over at my place due to her lack of adequate sleep, which was causing her migraines. A friend told me about Doctor Rohatgi and I contacted her office immediately. She managed to squeeze us in the following day to assess my mom's condition. I am very appreciative of the way Doctor Rohatgi made us feel comforted and explained the situation to us in a down to earth manner. It turned out that obstructive sleep apnea was the problem but we were in luck that the condition fell under the umbrella of Doctor Rohatgi's specialization. We were happy to follow through with the dental device approach and my mom is faring a lot better. She is sleeping well and no longer needs the sleeping herbs she got from a Chinese store (she is so traditional). The fees were more than fair and I honestly appreciate the time you and your staff took to make mom feel better. Thank you so much.

-Marvel Norwood


I've been having difficulty sleeping. Twice Last week I woke up gasping for air and the entire room seemed to be spinning. I knew something was seriously wrong and went to ER. They told me I most probably had sleep apnea. What on earth was that? I checked online and saw horrible stories about the condition. I wasn't going to wait until sleep apnea turned my life upside down. I contacted Dr. Rohatgi based on the good things I read about her and prayed that she would be able to solve my problem as she has done with many others. To cut the story short, my prayers were answered. If an office is a direct reflection of the medical provider, then Rose exudes nothing but the best. They've got the best in advanced technical equipment, in-depth knowledge of the latest mouth devices out in the market. Their digital scanning equipment is impressive and so was the music (not elevator music but laid back jazz!) The atmosphere was very relaxing with candles. I wish I had gone to see Dr. Rohatgi much sooner.

-Jack Maxwell


I really appreciate San Diego Sleep Therapy. Dr Rose's chair side manner is second to none. She is more than competent and very knowledgeable. She is a researcher and has written in many academic journals. I have seen why she's got so many great reviews. Good news is she has resolved my sleep apnea with a customized dental device and but too bad I won't have to see her anymore. However, if I ever have any problems pertaining to my sleep, I wouldn't hesitate to go see her again. Dr Rose's gentle demeanor was very soothing, thank you so much for everything Doc!

-Mark Alfred


Dr. Rose is sincerely the best doctor that I've ever been to, whether concerning sleep or otherwise. She was perfect, and I wish I could have a personal doctor just like her. She wasn't only caring and extremely intelligent, she also made every effort to ensure that I was on the same page with her as she tried to put an end to my sleep troubles. Dr. Rose also has wonderful people around her, the office staff were amazing; they were respectful, kind and professional. The warmth of the office was the icing on the cake. It is clean, modern, sophisticated yet as inviting as the doctor herself. I felt at ease, I mean, how could I not? The office didn't feel like a medical office, rather a spa. This was hands down the best experience I've had with any medical practitioner.

-Jonathan Sturgis


I had a great experience with Dr. Rohatgi. She was kind, informative and very supportive. She asked lots of helpful questions at the start of my appointment and did a thorough examination of my airway. After that, she openly discussed her findings and the next steps to take in a way that made sense and was easy for me to understand. Billing was clean and seamless - the office made everything easy. They delivered as you would expect from true professionals and I could tell they do this all the time. I am very choosy with Doctors, but Dr. Rohatgi has got every box ticked, even the parking structure is easy and well organized, and I am 100% impressed with everything you did from my initial call to my exit. I can confidently recommend this office to anyone in need of a sleep apnea specialist.

-Shelia Clark


I had been dealing with obstructive sleep apnea and decided to visit an office that specializes in sleep problems only. I found Dr. Rose on Google, and I am glad I drove for almost 2 hours to see her. She carefully went over my symptoms and pointed out the best route of treatment. I am now on the fifth day of using my oral device, and my recovery has been way better than expected. The office was accommodating, and the entire cost of my treatment was accepted by my insurance; that made my experience even more pleasant. Both Dr. Rose and her staff have called to check on my progress following my visit to the office. If you are not sure of what to do about your sleep apnea, then I recommend you book an appointment with Dr. Rose to help you navigate your options. Her treatment is reliable as she uses only the best and most advanced technology for making precision devices.

-Bob Bartow


No sleep doctor could be better than Dr. Rohatgi. The appointment booking process at her clinic is smooth and efficient. Treatment was rather speedy and my recovery has been in leaps and bounds. I seriously doubt if anyone could get a more memorable experience visiting a doctor. After my over the moon experience with her, I did a little research on Dr. Rohatgi and wasn't surprised to discover that she is very academic and has authored literature and several articles; she is well published and I strongly recommend that you don't look elsewhere if you've got any problem with your sleep. This is THE PLACE.

-Maria Johnson


I am SO LUCKY! It's good to have such a great sleep office available in San Diego. These guys are exceptional in all respect. I love the same day appointment, well maintained facility, concise and clear explanation of the treatment plan, excellent organization, fair and efficient billing, attention to detail and the fact that insurance verification was as easy as can be. Thanks for playing a major role in my victory over sleep apnea. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of sleep. Special mention to the wonderful assistants, you all are Godsends.

-Larry Cross


I was lucky to have been referred to Dr Rose R. I have had this very slight difficulty breathing for months but I decided to just live with it. Just recently I began to feel like I was drowning in my sleep so I complained to a doctor about it. He suspected sleep apnea and referred me to Dr Rose R. When I went in to see her, she was methodical and thorough in my treatment planning process, and she laid out all of my treatment options. She explained it so I could understand too. In the end, I opted for a mouth device, her specialty. I have very narrow nostrils and felt that might pose a problem when using the mouthpiece but I am happy I haven't had problems with that or anything else. Dr. Rose R's kind demeanor and the great quality of her service delivery provided all the reassurance I needed. I already had a robust insurance coverage but her office went the extra mile to make sure my plan covered everything. It was great having such a great professional look after me, know their product and actually know how to deal with insurance to help patients.

-Helen Siegel


EXCELLENT! I'm very impressed with SDST. I came in on an urgent note. I needed to get an oral device to take care of my snoring before embarking on an extended business trip. When I was initially seen on my first visit, Dr. Rose (I always seem to screw up her last name) was so kind and courteous. I explained my issue to her and though she had her plate full on that Monday, she somehow managed to fit me into her schedule. I walked in at the appointed time and was greeted warmly. Dr. Rose had a long discussion with me regarding my snoring/apnea problem and then proceeded to creating my anti-snoring/apnea device. I got it rather quickly, a couple weeks later (they are custom fitted) and so far, it does all that was expected. Everyone who works here tries to make you feel very comfortable and they give all they've got to cater to your needs. Two thumbs for your whole team.

-Johnnie Solis


This is the most amazing medical office to get checked and treated for your sleep problems. Dr. Rohatgi took her time to figure out what was going on with my sleep and also helped me with a mouthpiece that works great for me. The entire team did a great job to get the device, which was created in the shortest possible time. I am also grateful to Dr. Rohatgi for taking her time to educate me on how to maintain a healthy sleep pattern moving forward. San Diego Sleep Therapy made my experience wonderful and this is the only place I would go to if I ever have any other trouble with all things sleep. Thank you all so much, I highly recommend your services.

-Lawrence Thomas


I am very impressed with Dr. Rose Rohatgi. I never thought I will leave a review for medical office or any business but here I am. I've been to the office several times and it is always presentable, professional and timely. Dr. Rohatgi was patient and detailed in her explanations. She is efficient with time usage; I never feel rushed and she has never held me there longer than necessary. Her treatment was precise and the mouthpiece has been good to me and my sleep. Thanks for being a perfect example of what a sleep clinic should be.

-Kenneth Sanders


I worked with doctor Rose to get a custom oral device for sleep apnea. I've ordered two standard mouth guards from eBay but they didn't serve their purpose. They were too bulky and made my lips uncomfortably dry- there was also a bit of pain. The oral appliance Rose created for me is exceptional. First of all, it is just the right size and secondly, it is very comfortable. I've had no reason to re-adjust. It took less than ten minutes to digitally mold my teeth for the device, so getting a custom made oral device made by doctor Rose was way easier than I ever thought. I am thrilled that I came to you!

-Robert Figueroa


This feedback is for the entire office but more specifically directed to Dr Rohatgi. I've been to her two times this week and she is fantastic. I was worried at first because I've had some unpleasant encounters with health care providers, but Dr Rohatgi put me at ease just by the way she talked. She is super talented, outgoing and promised to do most of the job; all I had to do was make sure I slept with my oral piece on. My sleep has improved over the past few weeks, and I am happy with the results, before now every night was a source of sadness and worry for me. Dr Rohatgi's office has also helped make insurance seem like a breeze. I highly recommend San Diego Sleep Therapy.

-Carol Crouch


Wow, San Diego Sleep Therapy is big on this platform and I understand why. I had sleep apnea and somehow, nobody could control it. Dr Rose flashed her light down my throat and saw the first sign. She carried out further analysis using more sophisticated technology and bingo: Sleep Apnea was boldly written for all to see. Treatment went great as well. My custom made mouthpiece hasn't disappointed for a second. Besides being highly personable, Dr Rose is down to earth and brilliant in all that she does. It's impossible to pay the debt of gratitude I owe Dr Rose completely.

-Gregory Moore


My dad has been smoking for the better part of his life. For the past two years he has been suffering from sleep apnea. It was severe; at one point, his apnea peaked at 50 events per hour, he couldn't sleep and emaciated almost beyond recognition. We were given a CPAP at another clinic but my dad couldn't keep up with its many troubles. Dr. Rohatgi showed great concern and care to us. She listened to our problems and was maximally accommodating. The mouthpiece we got is comfortable and conducive for my dad and he has adapted to it in no time. None of the other staff was negative or rude. We thank everyone for their effort throughout. Please see Dr. Rohatgi for any sleep problem. She is A plus.

-Evie Tripp


This is the best sleep practice I've ever encountered. Dr. Rose and her staff are amazing. I was referred here by my doctor to get an oral sleep apnea device made and I had a wonderful experience. All of the workers are knowledgeable, considerate and kind. Dr. Rose's patience is limitless and more than once she followed up on my condition on a Saturday. The office never runs behind time and the air is fresh without the usual odor associated with health centers. Dr. Rose is very informative and I have witnessed the reason behind all these shining reviews. I wouldn't hesitate a split second to recommend Dr. Rose as a sleep doctor.

-Stephen Thomas


I have had two appointments with Dr.Rose. She is knowledgeable, understanding, patient and professional. My sleep apnea was mild and I didn't feel any pressure at all for the treatment. Dr.Rose informed me fully about everything there was to know and gave satisfactory answers to the numerous questions I had. I didn't feel the need to get a 2nd opinion from any other specialist. She designed a dental device using the images from my scan, and with it, my sleep apnea is nearly gone. All of the other staff were equally friendly and helpful. I recommend this center for sleep problems of any complexity.

-Robert Ortiz


San Diego Sleep Therapy is amazing. I was skeptical about spending the night over for my sleep study but Dr Rose made the entire process easy and comfortable. I had initially thought surgery was the best way to go but Dr Rose proposed a better alternative that meant I didn't need to get under a surgeon's knife. The oral sleep appliance has worked much better than I ever imagined and I am thankful to Dr Rose and her wonderful staff for doing such a great job. Dr Rose is by far the best sleep doctor I've ever been to and I have seen 7 to date! My misery is finally behind me. Thanks to you all!

-Julia Rogers


Doctor Rose is a gift, an enormous resource who calmed our nerves down when sleep apnea made the road rough for my mom. I have already recommended her as a sleep specialist to everyone I know with sleep problems. Seeing how she professionally handled my mother's case, I can sincerely attest to her great passion for supporting obstructive sleep apnea patients and providing personalized treatment strategies suited for each individual's case. Rose is exceptional, and her vast knowledge has continued to have great impact on my mom's health and stability.

-Olivia Mackenzie


I couldn't be happier that I reached out to Dr. Rohatgi to help get my severe sleep apnea to normal levels. I did so much research, and everything pointed to the direction of me seeing a professional. Dr. Rohatgi was able to comprehensively treat my sleep apnea and even pointed out other subtle symptoms that were present but went unnoticed. She then provided a superb oral piece that has helped me develop a healthy sleep pattern. I am better rested and have all the energy I need to live my life the way I want to. Dr. Rohatgi changed my life, and I will absolutely recommend her services to all.

-Carlos Palmer


I found this center when I was most desperately looking for help. After four months of sleep distress and debilitating aches and fatigue, the heavens led me to Doctor Rose. She gave me all of her attention and asked questions about the symptoms I was experiencing. Once she had put all the pieces together, she educated me on the sleep condition I was suffering from and stated possible reasons for its occurrence. I got a mouthpiece and Doctor Rose took her time to demonstrate the proper use of the device. I knew so much about what was going on with me by the end of my appointment with Rose and got an effective aid that has allowed me to sleep well and breathe without interruptions. Rose commands mastery of her craft and can deal with complex sleep situations. See her to identify the root cause of your sleep problem and discuss the next steps to take.

-Heather Sanchez


There is so much to say about San Diego Sleep Therapy. I would give them 6 stars too bad five is the limit. You can never put a price on healthy and sound sleep. Dr Rose is great with all things sleep and her fountain of knowledge was an invaluable resource in putting a fullstop to my husband's snoring. She made her self available when we needed an ear or had inquiries regarding the mouthpiece. Going to Rose is one of our family's best decisions ever; the little investment paid excellent returns.

-Samantha Bergh


I can't recommend Dr. RR more highly. I suddenly got stricken by sleep apnea and absolutely knew nothing about the condition. I talked to my physician and he sent me to Dr. RR. From the very first meeting, she made me feel relaxed and confident. Rose told me that OSA doesn't just happen overnight but I might have missed the signs. She reviewed my medical history and got down to proper treatment that suits my lifestyle. My result came out positive and Dr. RR guided me through the treatment plan. Within a week, I was sleeping through entire nights again. Thanks for truly caring about my well-being and I appreciate all of your professional pieces of advice on cultivating a healthier sleep habit moving forward. I am fortunate to have been referred to you.

-Stacy East


Sleep apnea was taking over my life, I made my complaint loud and clear and Dr. Rohatgi listened. She was thorough during evaluation and subsequent treatment. I went in last Monday, they did the 3D scan on the same day and got my customized oral piece soon afterwards. It worked wonders, my sleep apnea count fell from 53 all the way down to 6 events per hour. Dr. Rohatgi has beaten my apnea to normal levels at the first time of asking and I feel at peace with the device so no changes are required. I owe a lot to Dr Rohatgi's knowledge and experience. My astronomical progress is miraculous and I feel incredible. Thank you.

-Richard Warren


This clinic is a rare gem and I just want to let everyone suffering from OSA in on my little secret. After seeing 2 other sleep doctors, Dr. Rose pulled off a literally lifesaving diagnosis, treated my sleep apnea and followed up every week after that. My bill was largely fair and I was keen on getting my insurance plan to cover everything. Dr. Rose told me not to worry and focus on getting better while she and her staff took care of paper work and phone calls with my insurance company. While the appeal to get my coverage went on for months, I continued to receive all the attention and treatment I required at the clinic. When I finally got discharged, I left with my oral appliance feeling very confident in Dr. Rose's care. I highly recommend this great office.

-Eric Stringer


Dr. Rohatgi provided my sleep appliance last November and it has proven to be the life changing intervention I've been crying out for. I am getting 7 to eight hours of good sleep regularly and that's nearly double the average of my previous sleep pattern. I have dumped my CPAP in the basement for good, I never want to lay my eyes on it again. Rohatgi is knowledgeable, reliable and always happy to provide any needed assistance to make sure you are coping well with the device and her follow up is fantastic too. I lack words to fully express my gratitude. Thank you.

-Donald Hunt


Rosemary is a great doctor. She's helped diagnose and treat the sleep apnea which I've had for years. Two of my siblings are doctors and Rose is up there with the most hardworking doctors I ever met. She gives her all to care for the numerous patients that rely on her expertise. I've never been made to wait for longer than necessary for my appointment and she is never in a rush while attending to me. I'm grateful for the guidance, treatment and love I have received, I feel much better since getting the oral piece. You are at the right place with Dr Rose.

-Wilma Olsson


Snoring can be very embarrassing especially for a lady. Dr. Rogahti restored my pride and I thought everyone should know about her. With doctors you always feel rushed but she made me feel like she had all the time in the world to listen to my problem and find me a lasting solution. She reviewed my records and made sure the sleep apnea I had surgery for about three years ago hadn't returned. She is thorough in explaining the technical aspect of things and does a great job bringing things down to the level of her patient's understanding. My mouthpiece fitting went very well and if only I had met her soon enough, I wouldn't have gone under the knife but that is by the way. Thanks to this superstar in her field.

-Karen Breckenridge


Best sleep center ever! Dr Rosie is a miracle worker. I had a case of obstructive sleep apnea and she fixed that completely. She treated me as if I was family and the impression you get is that she attends to every patient with the same level of understanding and compassion. The office is great and there were no hiccups scheduling my appointments. Fact is I am difficult to impress and never write feedbacks but short and mighty dr Rosie deserves this. Visit her clinic ASAP to get on top of any sleep issues you are facing.

-Robbie Tucker


OK, here we are at 2 weeks. The device has been amazing. My girlfriend says I don't snore anymore and my breathing is so light; nothing about my sleep bothers her anymore. Without a doubt, I am continuing with this. I remember how bad my situation was - on countless occasions, I snored myself awake when my sleep wasn't deep. The progress in such a short time has been unbelievable and when I consider the very reasonable price I paid, I appreciate Rose all over again. She has probably handled thousands of cases like mine and knew exactly what to do. We love you Rose.

-Christopher Stinson


I was frustrated. One consultation after another, countless sleep studies, an annoying CPAP that I never used but I finally saw the light at the end of that long, dark and seemingly endless tunnel. I contacted San Diego therapy as a last resort. Everyone here has been fantastic and they did well to get my insurance to cover everything from consultation to the cost of my mouthpiece. For the first time in forever, my treatment has gone to plan, I am comfortable with the device and it has restored my blood oxygen to normal levels. I don't snore anymore and I sleep restfully. I wish I had come in earlier. Visit them, they will provide an upgraded version of whatever it is you are doing about your snoring or sleep apnea.

-Gregory Huth


You are true professionals that are dedicated to delivering effective results to your patients. My story was over 5 years of obstructive sleep apnea and loud snoring. Dr. Rose Rohatgi (I prefer to call her the latter) ascertained the underlying cause and severity of my sleep condition. I brought a copy of my sleep study with me and she took the time to review it with me when the original doctor who ordered the study never did. She fitted me with a modern mouthpiece which has all the qualities I have always dreamed of; it is unobtrusive, doesn't make any sound and I am totally compliant with using it. My apnea index reduced to almost undetectable levels after using it for a week which means I am finally sleeping well. You can't overemphasize the deleterious effects sleep apnea has on one's health, why not call Dr. Rohatgi to get something done about it?

-Ryan May


Going to San Diego Sleep Therapy is definitely one key highlight of our 2018. I could barely sleep because of my boyfriend's serious snoring issue. We did an internet search for sleep specialists and found quite a number of them but San Diego Sleep Therapy felt like the right place for us. Their reviews are great and the specialist seemed vastly experienced. We drove down the next day, got a customized oral device for Andrew and he never snored again. The whole development is a big deal for me and I told him I was leaving your office a feedback even if he didn't. Everything is better now, it didn't take long for him to get used to the device and he hasn't slept without it ever since. I've been struggling to lose some weight but his snoring wouldn't allow me get enough sleep but that's in the past now.

-Beatrice Sandlin


What an amazing experience! Dr. Rohatgi and company represent 5 stars for patient experience. I was experiencing chronic fatigue and my doctor advised that I get a sleep study to be sure sleep apnea wasn't causing it. Once I tested positive, I was nervous to get treated at first but the wonderful people here made sure I had a great time. Dr. Rohatgi was super helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process. Her expertise shines through her words and actions. She answered every single question I had and made it easy to see that I was in the best hands. The clinic set up is modern, very clean, feng-shui, and relaxing with laid back jazz music in the background. Kudos to her exceptional taste in music. If this was a restaurant or supermarket, I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again for the positive experience.

-Rena Irwin


This is exactly what a sleep therapy practice should be like. Dr Rose took her time to analyze the problem and explained the available solutions clearly to us. I had been exhibitng some symptoms of sleep apnea which affected my health and my wife's as well. Dr Rose and her professional team were very good to us. I have them to thank for restoring my energy level and for putting an end to what could have easily been a disaster. We are both sleeping well again and strongly recommend her to others struggling with sleep apnea.

-Jeremy Carter


It's always exciting to learn new things. My mild sleep apnea and the successful treatment Rose administered made me realize that nothing beats quality sleep. The oral sleep apnea device is everything a CPAP machine isn't plus there is no maintenance needed. The device got me dreaming right from day one and that hasn't stopped; something Rose associated with me getting more REM. The device has helped increase my energy, elevate my mood, and made a positive impact on several other aspects of my life. Rose is also very good with insurance. She got everything approved in less than a week, and my insurance expired at the start of the week that followed. Thanks Rose, everyone should know about you.

-Scott Vancamp


Doc Rose is incredible! My husband had badly regressed with sleep. He naps excessively during the day and struggles to fall and stay asleep at night. Several people recommended Doc Rose and thank goodness we decided to go see her. She calmed our nerves and customized a mouthpiece for Andrew. She consistently called to check for a week and answered the one million and one questions we had. We followed all of her recommendations about all things sleep and both of us are currently sleeping longer and better. We are more than grateful for Doc Rose. It's been tremendous.

-Melanie A. Lowe


Dr. Rohatgi's office is fantastic; wonderful location and welcoming. Every member of her team is professional and competent. Dr. Rohatgi herself exudes class and style. She got to the root of my sleep apnea and worked out the best treatment option. I travel frequently and they worked hard to accommodate my schedule. I am very pleased with the results so far. I highly recommend Dr Rohatgi as a sleep specialist for her cutting edge technology, high level of integrity and most of all, excellent results.

-Harry McNamara


I've frustrated my boyfriend forever to see a sleep doctor for his horrible snoring. He finally called this office for a consultation. I skipped work just to go in with him and make sure he doesn't understate the severity of his snoring. They carried out a 3D scan of his airway and we agreed to wait for an overnight sleep study. Just as I feared, he had sleep apnea. I was very worried and he was too but Dr Rose nerded out the science of it all with us and promised it wasn't as bad as we thought. It took a just a tiny oral device to get my boyfriend sleeping quietly again and I am no longer worried that he will suffocate in his sleep. I love telling people I've got someone when they need a mechanic or a plumber, now I can tell them I've got the perfect pair of hands when they need a sleep doctor.

-Corey Singer


Sleep apnea put me in a hole so deep I could barely keep up with my daily activities. My goal going to San Diego Sleep Therapy wasn't to sleep through the night because I thought that will be asking for too much too soon but Dr. Rose promised to make everything better again and she did. I went from not getting up to 10 hours of sound sleep per night per week to getting 7+ hours per night. My late mum's name is Rose too and I am sure she is smiling down upon you for literally saving her son's sanity. Keep up the fantastic work, Dr. Rose.

-Klause Jeffery


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